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Practice Area

We provide filing services, prosecuting services and right maintainance services in the field of Patent law, Trademark law, Utility Model law and Design Patent law in Japan.

Filling and Prosecuting All procedures from filling application to grant of the right in the field of patent law, utility model law, design patent and trademark law.
Litigation-related Advisement about the pending concern relating to a patent right
Search for the right, Investigation of the file wrapper
Appraisal ( validity, infringement)
Request for the advisory opinion of Japan Patent Office
Request for invalidation trial, suit against trial decision, etc.
Technical agreement service Transfer contract, transfer registration, license agreement and registration of license establishment relating to the patent right, the utility model right, the trademark right and the design right
Others Patent search
Registered trademark search

Technical Field

Regarding patents or utility models, we provide services focused on the technical field of electronics or software (Electricity, Electron, Information or telecommunication). We mainly deal with technologies relating to image processing, wireless telecommunications, semiconductors, sensors. Please contact us particularly about other technologies.

Wireless communication Cellular communication
Bluetooth communication
Satellite communication
Lader communication
Software Image processing
Cryptographic processing
Human interface
Network technology
Computer &
Peripheral Equipment
Micro processor
Peripheral equipment
Printing technology
Display technology
Semiconductor Semiconductor process technology
Circuit design technology
Liquid crystal device
FA Related Technology Control equipment
Sensor-equipped device
Others Business method patent
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