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Access to Our Office

Access by Train

JR Kanjo (Loop) Line
JR Tozai Line
Five minutes walk from the west ticket gate of JR KYOBASHI station.
Use the Promenade that is an overhead walkway directly connecting our building and KYOBASHI station.
Keihan Line Five minutes walk from the Katamachi ticket gate of KEIHAN KYOBASHI station. Use the Promenade that is an overhead walkway directly connecting our building and KYOBASHI station.
Nagahori-Tsurumiryokuchi Subway Line One minute walk from the 4th exit of OSAKA BUSINESS PARK (OBP) station.

Access from Airport

From Kansai Airport Take Limited Express HARUKA of JR line at KANSAI Airport Station, and change trains to JR Kanjo (Loop) Line at TENNOJI Station. After then, get off the train at KYOBASHI station.

Access by Car

Use Twin21 MID parking (toll parking with 400 cars capacity)

Area Map

Area Map

Twin21 MID tower 25F, Shiromi 2-1-61, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi Osaka 540-6125 JAPAN  TEL 06-6809-3456
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Twin21 MID tower

TWIN21 is the central facility in Osaka Business Park. It's a complex building consisting of two buildings, the PANASONIC TOWER located in north-west side and the MID TOWER located in south-east side, which are connected with the atrium. Furthermore, the TWIN21 is connected to each station of JR Line, Keihan Line and Subway Line by the overhead walkway with roof, so that even in a rainy day you can arrive at our office without an umbrella.

Our office is located in north-west area of the 25th floor of the MID TOWER. Twelve elevators installed therein are categorized as use for lower-floors (5th to 21th floors) or use for upper-floors (20th to 38th floors).

When you come to our office, please use the elevators for upper-floors of the MID TOWER.

ツイン21 MIDタワー
ツイン21 MIDタワー
ツイン21 MIDタワー
There is the atrium in which various events are held on the first through the fourth floors. The atrium is used as the site of 24 hour Television.
ツイン21 MIDタワー
Osaka Business Park neighbors Osaka castle, so the keep tower and internal moat of Osaka castle can be seen from our office. You can see the view of the northern area of Osaka prefecture on the side opposite to Osaka castle through the window in the meeting room for a customer.
This is the panoramic photograph shot from our office. IMP building in on the left, Crystal tower is in the center and Panasonic tower is on the right. Osaka castle can be seen between IMP building and Crystal tower. Second Neyagawa River on the left and Neyagawa River on the right rejoin and flow toward Nakanoshima.
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