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Privacy Policy

  • The administrator of this website (the website using as a domain name) may notice to a third party "visitor specific information" which is information of a visitor acquired through this website and can specify the individual, only when it is necessary to respond to the visitor's request. For example, when entrusting delivery service to a carrier, the visitor's name, address and telephone number may be notice to the carrier.
  • Use of visitor specific information is limited within the scope of the purpose presented to the visitor in advance.
  • When it is necessary to use visitor specific information exceeding the scope of the purpose presented at the time of acquisition of visitor specific information, we use it only after we notice the purpose to the visitor and obtain his agreement.
  • The visitor can request deletion of his/her visitor specific information. When deletion of visitor specific information is requested, the administrator of this website deletes his/her visitor specific information promptly, after checking that it is requested by himself/herself.
  • The administrator of this website make efforts to take a necessary measure within rational limits, in order to protect the privacy of the visitor who had visited this website. The administrator of this website may amend the above policy. In that case, all information of amendment will be shown on this website.

Area of Practice

Practice as patent attorney and practice related thereto

Purpose of Use

The administrator of this website may use visitor specific information for the following purpose.

  • Execution of entrusted practice (procedure to the Patent Office, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, court, etc. and shipping documents are included)
  • Answer to the question
  • Sending documents related to the practice
  • Providing information related to the practice (information related to this website is included)

Guaranty and Liability

  • This website shall be used in a visitor's responsibility.
  • The information published on this website is not provided as legal advice related to the specific matter, and is not replaced with this, either.
  • The administrator of this website accepts no liability of any damage that arose by use of information acquired from this website and other websites where the link is installed in this website.

Compliance and Amendment of Related Law and Other Regulations

  • This website make efforts to comply with law and other norms applied to visitor specific information.
  • To provide better protection of visitor specific information, privacy policy of this website may be amended according to amendment of law and other norms applied in Japan.


The administrator of this website may disclose Visitor Specific Information, when it is required by law, demanded from the relevant authorities, or believed to be justified in the light of the other common sense and fair business practice.

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